Santorini font

Say Χαίρετε to this island-inspired Signature font Santorini.

I had this project in my mind a long time ago. As a graphic designer, who worked/works a lot on creating branding, we often are requested to design a logo in Signature style, but with the vibe of real hand lettering. So, this font is an embodiment of this idea. This is perfect for BRANDING. Maybe nothing else, but for BRANDING. You won’t get cute, whimsical, funny logos with this font.

Only high-end, upscale, sophisticated Branding Design.

To keep maximum real hand-lettered effect, there were created 106 ligatures(you can see them among presentation pictures). When creating the font, we should take into consideration that each letter should be able to be connected with other letters. For example, the letter “a” should be well connected as well as with “l” and “n” and with any other letters. This limits us: we have to start a letter from the exact one point and finish at the exact second point.

Santorini also includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, punctuation. The font has smooth wet ink texture, so it would be perfect for all types of printing techniques+you can do embroidery, laser-cut, gold foil, etc.

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